great_gorgeThis is the Last Frontier, where vast unmapped stretches of wilderness and many different geological features provide a unique setting and very interesting place to work and study for anyone interested in mapping technology, aerial photography and remote sensing!

Alaskan resource development, the monitoring of volcanoes, earthquakes, avalanche areas, the rising sea-level and the management of wildlife populations now involve the use of the latest, fastest technology. The short seasons, extreme weather conditions, the vastness and differences in the terrain, create special challenges in acquiring the valuable data and the required talent for processing it.

The Alaska Region of ASPRS is active in the community providing opportunities in education,  professional development and professional networking. ASPRS Alaska is one of the sponsoring organizations that present the annual Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference.  We hold monthly meetings with technical presentations and sponsor scholarships, student activities. Our region has contributed directly to the enhancement of the UAA Geomatics program through donations that have been used to purchase software and hardware.