Jan 22

Call for Nominations – Alaska Region

The Alaska Chapter of of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Board needs you! The Vice President & National Director position is open and available to the membership. For those interested, please submit an email notice of interest to the nominations committee chair smoll@datum.com  by noon on Feb. 18, 2016.  You must be a current ASPRS member to be considered. Past and current office holders are eligible and encouraged to continue, and those that have not held a board position are also strongly encouraged to apply. President-Elect will move to President; Vice President will move to President-Elect so Vice President will be open

Open Positions:

Vice President   ____________________________________

National Director ___________________________________

Current 2015 Positions:

President              Matthew Altman (ASMC Conference Co-Chair)
President-Elect      Kevin Redmond
Vice President       Scott Arko
National Director    Dr. Nicholas William Hazelton
Secretary/Treas.    Jeffrey Yates
Regional Director   Sharon W. George
Regional Director   Stanton H. Moll

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